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Valentine’s Day Nail Designs 2021 and Design Ideas

valentines day nail designs

Valentines Day Nails

Valentines day is one of the important days in the world.We thought nails should be eye catching like many other things and we selected 29 stunnig nails for you.Go ahead and examine the nails we have chosen for Valentines day.You will want to try immediately.

01 Spot

Red nail  design

Firstly of all we started with a red nail design that reflects both sexy and sweet and of course Valentines day.

02 Soft Love

Cute nail design

Simple and nice style nail design.You look will very good

03 Blue Beauty

Blue meets nail for those looking for different colors

04 Nobility of black

You will love the nails which will suit every outfit and also recleft the color of the night in love.

05 Fifty shades of red

Great red nail shades for those who dont give up on red

06 Pink Clouds

This pink cloudy nails will be talked a lot on Valentines day

07 Love claw

Matte nail is the trend of this year

08 Short red

Different red nail designs for short nail lovers

09 Black Star

You will be the star of the day with nails

10 Rainbow Nails

You will be able to reflect your colorful personality on Valentines day

11 Wave

The harmony of pink and red is on your nails with the waves

13 On the edge of love

The combination of the most beautiful colors that suit each other with the heart

14 Princess Crown

We think the gothic style suits your Valentines day nails very well

15 Pink Heart

Pink hearts on the nail look very good on Valentines day here too with a different design

16 Smile Face

These nails definitely many different multi colors will show your own unique personality.

17 Gel Silvery Nails

The sim and stone will make you look flashy enough

18 Day and Night

These wonderful nails will make you look different from others with their navy blue color this Valentines day

19 Shine

That you dont shine with these nails on Valentines day

20 Line

You will be confident with these casual and effortless stylish nail

21 Lips

We think that the nail art that you will find parts of yourself in less effort is great.

22 Gladiator

Your fighting spirit will arise for love

23 Rose

Feel the rose on your nails

24 Teddy Bear

These teddy bear nails will look very cute to most of us designed for Valentines day

25 Purple

Purple breeze on your nails..

26 Tiger

With these nails your lover will fall in love for the second time because you will be very sexy.

27 Betty Boop

You will reflect your child spirit outside.

28 French

Clasic but always popular nails.

29 Love

Valentines day will definitely be the day of love.


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