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Summer Nail Designs 2020 Easy and Stunning Nails

Summer Nail Designs

Summer Nail Designs 2020: We are in the days when most of us cannot leave the house, but if you are looking for a challenge yourself, nail designs are quite suitable for this. Of course, we cannot leave the house, even to the beach, on holiday or at parties are far away for us. But nail designs for the summer on our site will give you different ideas. Meanwhile, some nail design salons are closed. That’s why many women have to take care of their nails. You can apply colored nails, stony nail designs, and cute nail designs that you see on the site yourself. If your days are boring, do not worry! You can see summer nail designs on our site!

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Best Summer Nail Designs 2020

Stony and Pink Nails

summer nail designs

One of the simple nail designs. you can give your nails a nice look whenever you want. As a result, it is one of the most suitable models for summer.

Shiny Marble Nails Summer Nail Designs

summer nail designs 2020

One of the most stylish models among nail designs for summer. If you have read our other articles, marble nail designs are very stylish designs. We also like it very much, but revealing this design at home will not be easy if you are not an expert.

Colorful Summer Nail Designs

best summer nail designs 2020

In our opinion, it is a very simple and stylish nail design. There is no specific color, but the colors we see on the nails are very harmonious. If you are going on vacation, it will be in harmony with many of your clothes or bikinis.

Orange Summer Nail Designs

orange nail designs for summer

We think orange is the best color for nails. In other words orange is so sexy for summer!designs. It is suitable for summer and you can easily apply this design t your nails. If you are looking perfect and stunning nail designs for summer. It can help with your concerns. Or if you feel bored while standing at home when you see these nails you can be happy!

Cute Summer Nail Designs

cute summer nail designs

Actually, we can say gel nail design for this. It cannot be said to be easy to do but we can say that it is a very sweet nail design. There was a color transition from white to purple. We can also see the pink in the design. Golden stars and crabs on the nails have a different elegance!

Easy Summer Nails

simple summer nail designs

If you like plain nails, you can apply it yourself at home. When you look at the whole, it may look like a flat design, but having different and harmonious colors on each finger made it a nice design.

Silver Shiny Nails

silver summer nail designs

It will look good on short nails as well as on long nails.

Nawy Blue and Silver Nails

A design with many colors. It will decorate your hands in parties, prom and many more places!

fifty shades of blue nail designs

Cute and Turquoise Nails

cute and summer nail designs

Again, a turquoise nail design. The unicorn on the ring fingers made the nail design cute.

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Pink and Cute Nails

pink nail designs for summer

The flowers and pink look pretty cool.

Summer Nail Designs

sweet nail designs

You can make your nails look great with patterns of different colors.

Red White and Black Nails

2020 summer nail designs

Shiny Nails

We think one of the favorite nail designs in this post. It is both bright and flashy. Where you go, people won’t be able to take their eyes off your nails! For summer, you can decorate your nails with this design at summer parties and weddings. In this situatin we can say it is fancy!

summer nail designs for 2020

Cute and Watermelon Nails

best summer nail designs

Purple and Yellow Nails

colorful summer nail designs

It literally looks great! However, it is not suitable for autumn and winter months. It’s among the easy nail designs! Purple and yellow have done a great job together.

Hot Orange Nails

summer nail designs orange

Silver and Dark Blue Nails

navy blue and silver nail designs

Bottle Green Nails

dark green nails

Cute and Dark Blue Nails Summer Nail Designs

Navy blue is not a color compatible with all colors. However, if you have long nails, it will not be difficult to have this design. As we mentioned in the nail designs above, we are in love with marble nails!

dark blue and marble nail designs

Simple Yin-Yang Nails

yin yang nails

Easy Orange Nails Summer Nail Designs 2020

best summer nail designs orange

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Star Nail Designs

summer nail designs with stars

Bonus: Halloween Nails

cool summer nail designs

Yes, we know we are in the summer, but as a bonus we wanted you to see a nail design for Halloween too!

Bonus: Red and Silver Nails

red summer nail designs

This is our other bonus nail design. A nail design suitable for the New Year looks attractive in red and bright in white!

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Yes, our dear readers, we have evaluated 24 summer nail design models for you. You can visit our homepage for more nail designs.