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How To Apply Nail Polish On Toes

How to apply nail polish on toes? How do you answer this question? As beginner, maybe this question would arise when the first time you want to apply nail polish on your toes. Actually, there are some similar steps that you had done before when you are applying the nail polish on your fingers. But, don’t worry about that since I would give you some steps for making you easier in applying the nail polish on your toes. Here we go.

How to Apply Nail Polish on Toes

How to apply nail polish on toes? There  are some steps that you should follow to get nice and attractive nail designs on your toes. The first thing that you should do is that you should apply the toe separator on the each nail foot so that the nail won’t stick to another nail while you are applying it. Then, you should file the toe nails before you paint them. This thing would be better if it is done first since it could result to the damage of the paint while applying it afterward. Then, for getting good result while you are applying the new nail polish, it would be better for you to clean the nail by using nail polish remover to remove the remaining old nail polish.

After that, you could start in choosing the colors of the nail polish in which you could choose it based on the outfit you are wearing so that they would become good match. Then, you could start in polishing the nail as the basic layer of the nail so that it would become strong nail polish design on your toe nails. Then, let them to be dry before applying the second layer. After that, you could start in making the second layer of the nail polish in which you could do that from the base nail near the cuticle and pint it straight out. In this case, you could also add some pattern that you want whether it is the simple pattern, such as having dots pattern, or floral pattern. If you have another idea, this would be good also for apllying it there.

How to apply nail polish on toes?  The explanation above hopefully could become a good help for you in maintaining the good design of the toe nail polish. Those steps are actually easy step that you could apply at home so that you do not need to spend much money just because you should go to the nail salon for fixing your toe nails. Hopefully you love it.