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+36 Best Yin-Yang Nail Designs and Ideas

Yin-Yan Nail Designs

Yin-yang nail designs come in many different colors. This is one of them. Why should you only have black and white on your nails? Orange-colored yin-yang nails look very stylish!

The yin-yang symbol is usually black and white. However, you can see yin-yang in dozens of colors in nail designs. This one of them is no reason why you shouldn’t try light green!

In this picture we see a yin-yang nail design with dark green colors. If you ask us, this design will look better on long nails!

Here are the actual colors of the yin-yang symbol! This yin-yang nail design looks very stylish. The stones on the nails add a different look to the design.

It’s a very good nail design idea if you want to see both the green and the yin-yang symbol on your nails!

It was a nail design that we liked very much. A nail design with both a sweet and yin-yang symbol.

A classic yin-yang nail design.