Nail Designs

Every woman is different, and just like each of us have our own personalities and styles, our preferences for nail designs are different, too. Whether you like a subtle, feminine design, or something bold and outrageous. You might also want inspiration for a special occasion, like prom, a wedding, a holiday, or a fun party look.

While there are many perpetually popular designs, like flowers, skilled nail artists can also create unique and original designs, inspired from anything from your favorite season to nostalgic memorabilia items. Add-ons, like crystals and decals, can add even more splash and originality to your nail designs. Simple nail art can also be done at home.

To drawing original and beautiful nail designs takes time and practice. All an aspiring nail designs artist needs is a sheaf of paper to sketch new designs on, many of fake nails to practice and some nail art supplies paints, tools and accessories  to turn her design into a finished work of nail art.

A professional nail art designer looks for ideas everywhere. Book illustrations, abstract paintings, embroidery samples, fabric patterns, flowers and leaves, and her own imagination are the best sources of original nail artwork or you can download our nail designs pictures. A simple but neat and beautiful design is infinitely better than a complex one done badly. At first, a beginning nail artist should spend some time practicing on existing step-by-step samples, in order to get a better idea of the various stages of the process. Once she knows how exactly she should proceed, she can apply her experience to creating her own original art.

For the first time is create a Sketch of a Nail Art Design on Paper
Even professional nail artists never paint their designs on nails straight away. First, they create sketches on paper getting the idea just right. At first, a few large drawings can help a beginning artist to develop all the little details of the future design.
after that, a few final sketches should be literally thumbnails, repeating the size of one’s nail. The more time an artist spends working on the paper sketch, the easier it will be for her to recreate the finished design on the nails themselves.

Professional Creative Nail Design Master Technician Layla Holzer suggests trying one’s own nail art design by painting it on a set of fake nails. It serves a double purpose: a nail artist who’s not ambidextrous can find it extremely tricky to paint designs on the nails of both hands, so ultimately, she can wear the finished fake nails

But mainly, practicing on fake nails helps an aspiring nail artist to get a feel for the curved and uneven surface of human nails, totally different from drawing of paper. No need to buy expensive nail designs practice hands: any cheap set of fake nails will do. And in case of mistakes, a design or part of it can be easily erased with some polish remover.